The Shaping of an Angry Black Woman

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The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman is the debut book of poetry by author Tamara Woods. Written over 15 years, each poem challenges conventional society and is poised with acerbic, witty, and abrasive language that is reflective in the often discussed isotope of society, that being the “Angry” Black Woman.

In the words of Tamara herself:

“I wore anger like it was my favorite pair of Chucks, giving people what they wanted. A minstrel show played with black emotions rather than a shoe-polished face. This brings around an unspoken rule: The expectation of anger renders my anger invalid as it is my starting point, so it’s not that important. This collection of poems takes a look at life, written over a fifteen year span of mine. It is flawed oddities, beauty foiled with ugliness. We are all more than just angry. Women are more complicated than just that.”

Here’s my author’s page at Sakura Publishing!

And here is my reaction video soon after I received my proof in the mail. Spoiler alert: I was pretty damn excited.


Not-so-angry Black Woman

“Tamara Woods does not come off as angry at all. Of all her traits, I appreciate her candor most. She constantly struggles with her own talent. “I know I’m suppose to write these words but I don’t know the order yet and/how they should trip, stumble, and fall into someone’s mind.” She is quick to disrobe herself from her gift. “This ain’t even a poem.” However, the pages outfit her into the wealth of poetry’s wardrobe without the accessory of being labeled as angry.”

– Len Lawson, Amazon

Angry? No way!

“Tamara Woods does not come off as an angry woman at all. Rather, she comes across as an intelligent, sensitive, well-spoken writer with an immense talent for poetry. She is humble and unpretentious, candid, and witty. I really enjoyed her poetry. If you are someone who is a poet, or someone who is seen as “angry”, this is a good book to pick up.”

– ZedralZ, Amazon

A Langston Hughes for Our Times

“A Langston Hughes for our times, Tamara Woods writes like a woman on fire. At times fierce, at times exquisitely vulnerable, these poems seethe with a pathos unique to the experience of black women, and yet universal to the tragedy and triumph in us all. Read this book, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself crouching in it’s pages.”

– Zoe Ham, Amazon

An Absolute Must Read

“She nailed it. Every piece moved the reader fluidly through a tale of growth and learning, of breaking down and building up. Parts left me in tears, while others had me, fist raised in the air, wanting more and more. I cannot wait to see more work from this talented poet!”

– Laura A. Lord, author of Of Roots and Wreckage

Everyone can learn from and enjoy this book

“As a woman of color myself, this book is an vivid and accurate depiction of the inner conflict and celebration of being a black woman. Tamara covers a wide array of experiences, stages, feelings, and stereotypes throughout the book. It’s a venture that is emotional and intimate that shows both humility and pride. Everyone can learn from and enjoy this book. It’s an intense piece of cultural dialogue shown through many perceptions such as “the old church lady”, a mother, a vulnerable child, etc. This is a book that I am proud to show off.”

-Melissa, Amazon

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