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blood roses & honeysuckles cover

Here’s bloodroses and honeysuckles synopsis:

Addy Whitecotton wakes up in a hospital after an accident she doesn’t remember having. In fact, she doesn’t have many memories at all. With her legs covered in bandages and more questions than answers, Addy is desperate to discover the sordid pieces of her past that brought her to the tiny town of Tiltonsille, WV, and why they won’t quite piece together just right.

She and her childhood best friend, Bernie are on parallels paths facing down the demons of their past. Addy has forgotten hers; Bernie’s been living a lie that her past won’t let her forget. Once they’ve sorted through the rubble of their memories, will their friendship withstand the fire, or will it burn down to the ground?


The Appalachian Terror Trail Vol 1 is a short story anthology filled with incredibly engaging and frightening stories set in the oldest mountain range in the country.

front coverThe Shaping of an ‘Angry’ Black Woman takes a look at a popular isotope portrayed in media: the angry black woman. We cry. We bleed. We are more than just angry. Read More…

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