Submissions open: Horror Anthology

I had started the submission process last year, but I’m opening it again.

“Tap into the fear that is trapped in those Appalachian hills, focusing more on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia area. You never know what you’ll find in the surrounding areas.”

I’m looking for horror and its different subgenres here. I want the stories to contrast greatly. The word count would be between 5,000-15,000.  My plan is to have lucky number 13 stories.

This horror anthology is focused on Appalachia in the United States. Stories based outside of PA and WV will be considered as well. You do not have to write fiction based on local folklore, but if you do, please let me know.

It will pay $15 and you’ll have the option of buying extra copies at cost and selling it on your own. We would only retain rights for 6 months before they would revert back to you and you can publish it elsewhere.

It’s untitled as of yet. Publication is slated for October 2016.

It’ll print through my PenPaperPad imprint with Book Genesis designing it for us.
The due date for your short story is May 4, 2016. You can submit no more than 2. Please email submissions to as a .doc attachment. Subject: HORROR SUBMISSIONS 

Send your submissions and let’s make something scary as hell together.

26 thoughts on “Submissions open: Horror Anthology

  1. I’m a new writer and have a horror story set in mountains of NC at the end of the 19th century. I just recently posted it on my Amazon page for purchase for $0.99, but would pull it if it would still qualify for inclusion in this anthology. (I love the idea of an Appalachian connection for these stories and would also love to have mine included!) Would my story still qualify for submission? If so, should I pull it before I hear back about whether it has been accepted or not? (Very new to how all of this works.) Thanks!


  2. I am working on a story set in West Virginia. It is a Lovecraftian tale involving a Civil War apparition, an old secret buried in the deep woods, and something dark that may dwell there. I would love to submit it to you. What is your deadline?


  3. Hey. Really sorry that I just found out about this today, the last day of deadline. Some of my family comes from Appalachia, so I am somewhat familiar with traditional local monster folklore. If you ever have this contest again, please let me know, and I will totally submit.


  4. If we haven’t heard back on the status of our submission, does that mean we are still in the running? I sent my submission, Devour on March 25th. Thank you!

    -Sarah Doebereiner


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