The purpose of this blog

Hello everyone! My name is Tamara and welcome to my little corner of these internets. I have another place where I’ll be posting creative writing bits and bobs called PenPaperPad. This is the only spot that has my name on it.

My plan here is to post a couple times per month with helpful tips and tricks about writing. I may end up writing more as time passes, but I want to at least write two. If anything happens in terms of books, publications, starting a new writing gig that I want you to know about, and so on I’ll post about it here as well.

The topics I plan to cover on this site are basically anything writing related and being an indie author. In addition to these posts, I also have a YouTube channel where I post weekly vlogs on my process. Right now it’s editing, but it’s going to go through the entire process of self-publishing, which is both exhilarating and terrifying.

I hope you like what I come with for this space. I hope you learn something and share a laugh or three with me. I’m going to keep this short. Make sure to subscribe so you’ll get the new posts from me.

Also, if you’d like to check out my latest poem, check it out here.

And don’t forget the #writestuff Tweetchat happens every Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern. What is that?  Check it out #writestuff ‘s origin story.

Aloha y’all! 


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