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It’s finally happened! blood roses & honeysuckles has been a labor of love for quite some time. But I’ve finally put her to bed.

blood roses and honeysuckles is a tale of love and loyalty, self-indulgent carelessness and what happens when intentions are true even in the methods aren’t.

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As a woman of color myself, this book is an vivid and accurate depiction of the inner conflict and celebration of being a black woman. Tamara covers a wide array of experiences, stages, feelings, and stereotypes throughout the book. It’s a venture that is emotional and intimate that shows both humility and pride. Everyone can learn from and enjoy this book. It’s an intense piece of cultural dialogue shown through many perceptions such as “the old church lady”, a mother, a vulnerable child, etc. This is a book that I am proud to show of

Melissa, Amazon Customer

A Langston Hughes for our times, Tamara Woods writes like a woman on fire. At times fierce, at times exquisitely vulnerable, these poems seethe with a pathos unique to the experience of black women, and yet universal to the tragedy and triumph in us all. Read this book, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself crouching in it’s pages.

Zoe Ham, Amazon Customer

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Tamara Woods

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